Everlux on-site survey support

Are your customer’s facilities signed correctly and to the appropriate Standards?

Do any of your customer’s premises require a comprehensive review of the fire safety signage that is currently in place? Does the signage in their premises fully comply with current fire safety legislation and regulations?

Irrespective of the nature of the customer’s premises, be it educational, commercial, production, distribution, hotel, military etc, Everlux offered 25 complete signage surveys that ensured the customer’s safety signage met all the current legal and regulatory requirements.

For the past 25 years, Everlux have consistently offered a range of technical and commercial services to assist those who have worked in partnership with us. Of all of these, the on-site survey support that we offer has undoubtedly been the most appreciated.

During a survey in the customer’s premises or facility, we:

1. Assess the need for safety signage and conduct a risk analysis of the building considering its type, layout and usage.
2. Assess and check whether the existing signage conforms to all the applicable legislation, regulations and Standards;
3. Offer the most appropriate signage solutions to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants and to help ensure the safety of your customer’s property and business assets;
4. Ensure that all firefighting and alarm equipment, means of escape and potential hazards are correctly signed as well as ensuring that Escape Plans are correctly positioned in accordance with the appropriate standards;
5. Provide a written quotation and summary of all findings and conclusions following the completion of the signage survey including any recommendations that may be appropriate.