Signage project completed using Everlux Project

2014 was a very special year for Everlux as we founded the company 25 years ago!

When we were considering ways in which we could celebrate our 25th anniversary we wanted it to be in a manner that would show our appreciation to all our clients, designers and specifiers that have, throughout the past 25 years, been walking this path with us.

But how could we do this in a suitable manner?

One way would be by offering to undertake the execution of 25 selected full signage projects completed by utilising the Everlux Project.

Undoubtedly one of the most successful products/services we have developed over the past 25 years is Everlux Project, a software package developed exclusively by Everlux that, by using Autocad or other file formats, allows you to design and specify a complete safety signage project from start to finish.

Everlux Project allows the user to easily insert the appropriate safety signs and systems directly into the drawings whilst also providing guidance to ensure that the correct choice of signs is made. Upon completion, Everlux Project then provides a comprehensive breakdown of the project details and specification signs by way of a simple click of the mouse!

Everlux Project is a software package that has been exceptionally well received by the architects, designers and specifiers who have worked with it. If you are not already aware of Everlux Project a demonstration video highlighting some of the features of this superb tool can be viewed here.

Also, you can download it here.

During the course of our 25th anniversary celebrations we undertook to complete 25 safety signage projects free of charge, selected from projects sent to us by you. 

Once completed, we offered the winners the complete safety signage project in Autocad & PDF formats, a full summary report, legal framework and a complete bill of materials. - An offer that we are convinced enriched your work as a designer or a specifier or installer.