Product Quality

The product certification is the best guaranty to the customer that the product meets all applicable legal and normative requirements, which ensure that the product was produced according to a control system that guarantees the expected quality and the efficiency.

The product quality is certified by Lloyd's Register in accordance with Lloyd's Register Type Approval and warrants to the market, and in particular to Ertecna's customers that the product complies with all the requirements that apply to it.

Everlux, Everlux-LLL and Everlux-AL are certified according to the Lloyd's Register Type Approval System. 

Certifications and technical characteristics are in the Everlux general catalogue, but the signs themselves have the correspondent trademark and performance printed on them as a guaranty of the conformity and authenticity of the product.

Service Quality
The production and service quality is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification in accordance with the reference standard ISO 9001 and demonstrates the company's commitment to the market in general, and in particular to its customers through continuous evaluation of performance and efficiency of work processes, improving them continuously.

Company certifications:
  • ISO 9001 Certifies our organisation’s quality management system (QMS);
  • ISO 45001 Certifies our organisation’s occupational health and safety management
  • ISO 14001 Certifies our organisation’s environmental management system (EMS)

Everlux recognizes the environmental performance of their activities as fundamental to the sustainable development of its activity and is therefore certified by Bureau Veritas Certification in accordance with the reference standard ISO 14001.

Everlux recognizes health and safety as an important factor for sustainable development of the business, as evidenced by the certification according to the reference standard ISO 45001, by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Therefore, the activities are conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations of health and safety at work, through the adoption of integrated management practices, which include risk assessment and definition of adequate operational controls, whose goal is to ensure suitable working environments and insurance.

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  • Environment
  • Health and Safety