Low Location Lighting - Low Location Lighting
When a fire occurs, smoke is a very serious consequence which demands careful consideration. The intoxicating nature of smoke and the subsequent panic enlights the paramount importance of a quick and efficient evacuation form an affected area. Smoke rises and this inherent fact can seriously hamper an occupant’s ability to evacuate a building using high located escape route signage.
The installation of an Everlux-LLL system will allow potentially life-saving equipment and evacuation routes to be readily identified (at a low level below rising smoke) and for them to remain clearly visible at all times. The system is designed to clearly identify firefighting equipment and evacuation routes at all times thereby enhancing the escape conditions and helping to significantly reduce the risk of panic and any tragic loss of life.
The Everlux-LLL system is designed to be installed in conjunction with other Everlux signage systems at the Intermediate and High levels as recommended by BS ISO 16069.
The Everlux-LLL system meets the stringent requirements of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and is also in accordance with ISO Norms (International Organization for Standardization).