Fire-Fighting Equipment signs - Fire-Fighting Equipment signs
Fire safety signs should be selected and installed in a way that guarantees their visibility from any point within a building. In the event of fire it is essential that fire-fighting equipment is readily available to be used as a first response. For this reason, such equipment needs to be identified quickly and easily.
Permanent signs must be used at all times and placed above the location of each piece of fire-fighting equipment and within the 1.8m to 2.5m height range (or even higher depending on the viewing distance or due to intermediate objects hindering visibility).
In situations where fire-fighting equipment and location signs are not clearly visible another sign may be required to indicate the location of the fire-fighting equipment. This ensures prompt and easy identification of this type of firefighting equipment.
Identification signs should also be placed directly above the fire-fighting equipment as this will also help to identify what type of extinguisher to use.
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