Everlux sign performance values - we’re happy to shout about them!

Genuine Everlux branded signs have the photoluminescent (phosphorescent) performance values printed on the bottom right-hand corner specifying the expected brightness and the length of time our signs will "glow”. This offers a guarantee of consistent brightness and Everlux remain the only manufacturer of Photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety signs and systems operating in the market that do this.

Safety signs classified as photoluminescent (phosphorescent) shall have their performance printed on as per BS, ISO and DIN Standards & requirements. This provides consumers with the correct information and the guarantee of a high quality product. According to BS ISO 16069:2004 photoluminescent (phosphorescent) materials should demonstrate their performance values using the following criteria and should be marked as such:

a) Luminance in mcd/m2 for 10 min and 60 min after excitation
b) Measured or estimated time to reach 0,3 mcd/m2 (period of light decay)

All Everlux branded photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety signs have a minimum performance of 215mcd which is the highest in the UK by far! The quality of Everlux safety signs is ensured by a continuous and rigorous quality control system and all Everlux Photoluminescent (phosphorescent) Products have the Lloyds Register Type Approval Certificate.

The method of measuring the luminance performance according to BS, ISO and DIN standards is carried out in the Everlux laboratory where all measuring equipment is calibrated by an independent, accredited official body. This rigorous commitment to consistent quality and service is also underpinned by independent third party certification.

Would you consider it acceptable to buy or sell an extinguisher without the fire rating printing on it? Would you consider purchasing an electric light unit that did not show the consumption rate (wattage) and power information printed on the product? Probably not! Therefore, why should you accept working with photoluminescent (phosphorescent) signs that do not comply with the BS Standards and that do not have the performance values printed on it?

So working with Everlux is a sure sign of a quality product that you can offer to your customers.

"Everlux Quality: Saving the market from mediocre photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety signs!”