BS 5306

The new Standard BS 5306 part 8: The selection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers - Code of Practice introduces some important changes and new recommendations regarding the location of fire extinguishers and associated signage. Fire extinguishers are to be well maintained and professionally installed with the adequate signage that allows immediate identification and safe use.

6 Positioning of extinguishers
6.1 Location and accessibility

Extinguishers should be available for immediate use at all times. Normally, extinguishers should be located:

Section 6 in BS 5306:8 2012

It is highly recommended that an Identification Sign (ID sign) is fixed/installed immediately above the fire extinguisher.

The Standard BS 5306-8:2012 also highlights the importance of a fire extinguisher being "readily seen”, "that fire type is the first one encountered by the prospective operator” and that "The position and type of a fire extinguisher should be indicated on a sign.