How to effectively sign an LLL escape route with a staircase

In the UK there are a large number of buildings which, due to their height or the number of occupants, are difficult to safely evacuate and without panic in an emergency scenario..

In many cases, effective evacuation can only be achieved by using the emergency staircases and often via several floors. Therefore, it is extremely important that the escape routes are correctly and effectively signed.

If the only signage present is positioned at the high level there is no guarantee that it will ensure a safe evacuation of the premises, particularly if smoke is present. As such, It is recommended that high level signage is augmented by a photoluminescent (phosphorescent) signage system at the low/ground level as can be seen in the following video:

The video clearly illustrates that the application of a Low Location Lighting system at the low/ground level allows for the easy identification of the escape route:

Steps - through the application of photoluminescent (phosphorescent) L' s on each step
Stair flights - by applying a self-adhesive non-slip photoluminescent (phosphorescent) strip along the length of the first and last steps of each flight
Handrails - by applying a photoluminescent (phosphorescent) self- adhesive strip along the length of the handrail which will allow for quick recognition.

The Everlux - LLL (Low Location Lighting) system fully complies with the requirements of BS ISO 16069:2014 (Safety Way Guidance System) and is proven to be an extremely effective means of highlighting escape routes and ensuring that evacuation process is carried out swiftly safe and without panic.