BS 5389

Standards are either liked or loathed in equal measure but the update, amendment and revision allows life safety equipment to do a better job. This is certainly the case with the recently published BS 5839-6 : Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. In January 2004 a fire at Rosepark care home in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, broke out in a cupboard, spread through the building and led directly to the deaths of 14 elderly residents. An inquiry concluded that this tragedy could have been prevented by a suitable fire safety plan and that some residents may have been saved.

A definition of "zone plan” has been added to the terms and definitions (Clause 3), with additional guidance added to help. Everlux Alarm Zone Plans are a graphical representation of the fire alarm zones within a building, when installing a fire alarm system, it is important to provide an alarm zone plan which clearly identifies and locates the different alarm zones within a building, the type of detectors installed and the position of the alarm panel and call points.

Alarm Zone Plans are designed to offer clear, instant and easy interpretation/identification of the different alarm zones within a building. They are produced to be a simple and "clean” representation of the building that only highlights most important information and are colour coded in a way which is easy to read and understand.

Alarm Zone Plans should either be located close to each Fire Alarm Control Panel, within an onsite Security Control Room or close to the main entrance so that they are easily accessible by the Fire & Rescue Services and any other appropriate persons.